Fit Forward!
Mass production of proportionally sized garments, based on fit models.
Designer's Concept Patterned for the Fit Model Mass Production Inventory Shipped to Store Different Proportions Misfit
Designer's Concept Fit Model Mass Production Shipping to Store Try-on in store Misfit
Mass customization with body scanning and flexible production.
Your Concept Body Scan Choose Style CAD Production Home Delivery Perfect Fit
Your Concept Body Scan Style Choices CAD Production Home Delivery Perfect Fit
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BODY SCANNING and other new technologies have the potential to change the way that clothing is made and purchased.

Many industries are customizing the products they make. Now the apparel industry is making custom clothing using body scanners and other emerging technologies.

The vignettes on this page allow you to compare the traditional model of mass production (today) with a future scenario for custom production (tomorrow).