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Research at Cornell

Sizing System References
An annotated bibliography of references about sizing systems in the apparel industry by Professor Susan Ashdown.

Research at Other Universities

National Textile Center (NTC) Research Projects
The National Textile Center is a Research Consortium of eight universities.

Research at Auburn University [PDF]
NTC Funded Research: "Body Scan Analysis for Fit Models Based on Body Shape and Posture Analysis"

Research at North Carolina State
NTC Funded Research: "Automated Garment Development from Body Scan Data"

North Carolina based Textile Clothing Technology Corporation is an industry consortium that provides education, research, and development for the sewn products industry.

Government Research

Apparel Research Network
The Apparel Research Network is a Defense Logistics Agency program designed to significantly improve the U.S. apparel industry's ability to meet Department of Defense supply requirements.

Population Studies

The Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometric Resource (CAESAR) was a joint study of the Air Force CARD Lab and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Scans for 4,000 North Americans, 1,000 Italians, and 1,500 Dutch civilians and consumer preference data were collected. Measurements from the data are publicly available for a fee.

Human Solutions, together with the Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement (IFTH) and the Hohenstein Institute, have created a portal with body dimensions of 100,000 European, North American and Asian men, women and children between the ages of 6 and 75.

Size Germany
The Size Germany study used 3D body scanning to obtain updated measurements of the German population. It was conducted during 2007 and 2008.

The SizeUK scanning study concluded in January 2002 with approximately 11,000 scans of United Kingdom men and women.

SizeUSA was a study that scanned nearly 11,000 individuals in 12 locations across the U.S using a mobile [TC]2 scanner. Manufacturers, brands, and retailers can use this vast data base of measurements to improve fit.

Custom Fit

180° Moda Inc.
180° Moda Inc. offers custom clothing and body shape analysis based on a 3D avatar created from body scanner measurements.

Alton Lane
Alton Lane creates men's tailored garments fit with 3D scanning technology.

Arthur Caliman
Arthur Caliman is a Brazil-based manufacturer and retailer of high fashion custom garments.

Aston Blake
Singapore-based Aston Blake offers men's custom shirts using 3D body scanning technology.

Bodymetrics uses 3D scanning technology to fit jeans at Selfridges in London.

Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers scans men in their New York City Madison Avenue store and uses digital data to better fit their clientele. The retailer hopes that digital data will be a factor in 10% of purchases from their New York City store.

CustoMax provides an assortment of tailor-made fashion products for ladies and gentlemen.

JNJ Menswear
JNJ Menswear is a Memphis, TN based company offering "Made to Fit" suits using Benchmark Technology. Benchmark uses [TC]2 scan technology to generate measurements for their custom men's suits

Lori Coulter
Lori Coulter is a swimwear designer who uses a body scanner to customize 40 basic styles to a customer's measurements. She also offers style consulting based on body shape.

Possen Made-to-Fit Fashion
The company has used 3D body scan data since 1998, first with mobile scanning and later with a scanner at their Amsterdam retail store.

Tailored For You
TFY uses body scanning technology to create custom made business and casual clothing.

Virtual Try-on

Assyst is a CAD program for pattern drafting which uses 3D visualization with real body dimension data.

Gerber Technology
Gerber provides techonology solutions for the apparel industry, including viewing 2D patterns on realistic 3D human forms to verify drape and fit.

i-Fashion is a Korean company producing virtual fit avatars based on scan measurements.

Lectra integrates 3D prototyping and virtual fit into the collection development cycle.

OptiTex specializes in the development of innovative, easy-to-operate, 2D and 3D CAD/CAM apparel design software, including virtual fit linked to fabric parameters. They provide many parametric avatars (men, women, and children) that can be modified by body dimension and shape. 3D scan avatars can also be imported to their virutal fit software.

This LA based company provides 3D virtual apparel prototyping software and will be launching an online fitting room in 2011.

V-Dresser [PDF]
V-dresser, a virtual fashion garment creation system distributed by [TC]2 uses digital photographs of garments to simulate 3D visualizations of the garments on parametric and scan avatars.

Vidya – 3D CAD
Vidya takes a pattern and realistically displays the visual appearance and fit of a fabric and its drape on a virtual model.

Dress Forms

Alvanon makes AlvaForms, which are created from body scan data and are targeted to specific populations.

Scanner Technology

The Cyberware scanners are used at several government institutions, such as the CARD Lab.

Human Solutions
Human Solutions produces the Vitus line of scanners, which includes several full-body scanners, a foot scanner, and a head scanner.

Size Stream
Size Stream makes a portable 3D body scanner and measurement system.

[TC]2 is a member driven, nonprofit education, research, and development organization for the sewn products industry. The North Carolina-based group has developed (and licenses) a white light scanner and body measurement software.

Unique Solutions
Unique Solutions supplies the Intellift Virtual Fitting Room Bodyscanner™ for personalized product recommendations, or PPRs, in retail settings.

Polygonal Modeling

ScanworX software operates the Vitus line of scanners and generates body measurements automatically.

Geomagic Studio
Geomagic Studio transforms 3D scan data and polygon meshes into accurate 3D digital models.

MeshLab is an open-source program for processing and editing 3D meshes from scans. It is particularly useful for converting between file types.

The Polyworks software suite made by Innovmetric merges, aligns, and compresses scanner data and takes various types of measurements including circumference, slice area, surface area, and volume.

Critical fit points on this partial body scan are defined by transverse planes at the abdomen, hip, crotch, and thigh. (Image: Cornell Body Scan Research Group )