Sizing Systems for Athletic Apparel
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This research study is a collaborative effort between Nike and Cornell University, conducted by the apparel class FSAD 664: Anthropometrics and Apparel. Nike is interested in testing apparel sizing, and this study seeks to determine how well their running shorts and t-shirts fit on a variety of study participants.

Nike has provided us with T-shirts and running shorts for the study. We have scanned the participants wearing the garments and asked them to fill out surveys recording their responses to the garments’ fit. A subset of 10 participants were also given two pairs of shorts to test in a wear test for one week. They recorded their impressions on fit and function in a journal format. The students who conducted this study learned the difficulties associated with assessing fit, and comparing expert fit analysis to the results of participant's fit assessments.

Front and back images of a participant in the running shorts and t-shirts. (Image: Cornell Body Scan Research Group)
The surveys gathered information on wear, fit and buying preferences. (Image: Cornell Body Scan Research Group)