Lower Body Surface Change
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Previous research on body measurements by 3-D body scanners has mostly been based on a standing position. A seated position is, of course, used frequently in daily life, and therefore, this pose would be significant in future research of body measurements by 3-D body scanners. The subjects of this research were 25 female university students of average physical shape. Body surface length and circumference of lower body were measured when the subjects took four positions: standing; 135-degree knee-bend; one step forward; and sitting with 90-degree knee angle. By examining the differences of body surface length and circumference in each posture and calculating appropriate ease of circumference and length in pants patterns that affect wearer's comfort and movement, this study intended to provide data necessary for the development of pants patterns.

Subject shown in same pose, minimally clothed and with pants. The measurement points and lines are marked. (Image: Cornell Body Scan Research Group)
Here, the seated measurements are shown. (Image: Cornell Body Scan Research Group)